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Bloor & Dufferin

Bloor & Dufferin
Bloor & Dufferin

Bloor & Dufferin

Bloor & Dufferin is part of a diverse community situated at the heart of 4 intersecting neighbourhoods. The area has a strong infrastructure with 4 public libraries, 3 rec centres and 20 daycares. Bloor & Dufferin is also well serviced by transit and is home to an array of local businesses and amenities that provide for a diverse demographic. Local artists have deep roots at Bloor & Dufferin where, through cultural institutions, they’ve helped to contribute to a unique sense of community.

At Bloor & Dufferin we see a unique city building opportunity to collaborate with a thriving community and create a world-class destination. Through community outreach we’re learning what the neighbourhood wants to see in the future of Bloor & Dufferin and we’ve assembled an exceptional team to ensure that this vision is realized.

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