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5 ways condo living may be your perfect family plan

Families come in all shapes and sizes—as do the many iterations of the residential home. And with the continuous rise in activity of the condo construction market, more and more families are embracing their urban propensities and going the high-rise route. By turning their attention to the benefits of condo living, families are now realizing that buying a condo is a solid and affordable investment with many practical benefits.

1. The price is right.

Affordability is always top of mind for any home-buyer, family or otherwise. The savings associated with going the condo route are both appealing and numerous. Once you realize how many other factors save not just money but time—snow-shovelling, infrastructure repairs, etc.—the advantages of condo life can increase considerably. You realize this is totally doable.

2. Your life is at your fingertips.

Grocery stores, restaurants and cafes are right at your doorstep. You can walk everywhere and hardly have to use the car at all—another savings to add to your list (for which the planet will thank you). Urban living also makes for a shorter commute; you might even be able to walk to work. With your work so close and the commute minimized, you have more time to spend with the kids—and they with you.

3. The amenities are priceless.

What you lose with a smaller living area, you make up for with the condo amenities at your disposal. Party and function rooms are great for family gatherings, birthday parties, book clubs, coffee klatches and more—and your home doesn’t have to deal with all the mess. Condos are also more family-friendly than ever with things like cinemas, pools and courtyards, adding to the entertainment value, some even offering day care. The fitness centre is another convenient money-saver, as you won’t need a monthly gym membership.

4. There’s a real sense of community.

While some may think condo living is impersonal, the opposite is true. Life here is the same as it is anywhere; the condo becomes the neighbourhood, each floor adding to the social fabric of the whole building. People look after one another. And with a concierge, you get an added sense of security, and welcome extra pair of watchful eyes.

5. There are broad benefits for your children.

Condo living is a learning opportunity. Being immersed in a truly urban environment opens kids up to cultural and social settings they maybe wouldn’t experience in a more residential area or suburb. Plus, they’re close to fun things like the parks and recreation centres, the aquarium or the museum. Art galleries also have great children’s programs. Plus, with condo space considerations, they’ll spend more time out of doors—and won’t have the room to amass a bushel of toys.

It used to be that the white picket fence, the basketball hoop above the garage door, big yard, big dog, sensible minivan—this scenario was the brass ring. But nowadays, condominium alternatives have reset the bar with a new, urban wave of parenting and a family life that could suit you perfectly.

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