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How downsizing can offer an upgraded lifestyle

The children are at university, the neighbours are drifting off the street or into retirement and the house is becoming more work than it’s worth. As this familiar scenario plays out, the question that inevitably and inarguably arises is: What will make this next phase in your life more fulfilling? The answer may well be that it’s time for a new playbook—a smart approach to this third act. And as more and more empty-nesters opt for the pared-down route when the children turn into grownups, the choices and benefits of moving into a condominium continue to become increasingly more attractive.

An empty nest can be a new beginning

Generally, empty-nesters fall into two camps: those who decide to downsize because their houses become too big, and those who are looking for perhaps the same amount of space but something less family-oriented: a bedroom turned into a dressing room or more space for a larger bathroom. People also may want room to spread out and enjoy their hobbies without having to consider the needs of kids. In both cases, the goals are the same: complete comfort with less to worry about, a sound investment and peace of mind.

Finding a condo that ticks all the right boxes and makes you happy in the process is key. What do you need? The checklist can be long or short, but it has to cover off the essentials as well as the conveniences you may not have currently but would like down the road.

When home maintenance is done for you

The benefits of condo living are both myriad and, truly, thrilling. No maintenance is a big one. When you don’t have to shovel snow or trim hedges, you gain incredible flexibility with new-found free time—all you have to do is enjoy the garden and let maintenance fees take care of the upkeep. Less space means less area to clean, plus lower utility costs, so empty-nesters can save or invest that money or move it toward a hobby or a holiday.

In addition to excellent views of the city, condominiums also offer the ultimate in comfortable urban living—a walkability factor that puts you right where you want to be, near shops and restaurants, parks and recreation, entertainment and the arts. With everything at your fingertips, you spend less time in the car and have more time for me-time.

Amenities at your disposal

Condos also come with big perks, amenities like indoor and outdoor pools, well-appointed gyms and spas, the comfort of concierge security, and public spaces that are yours to make use of. Booking the private dining rooms and party rooms for special occasions and gatherings lets you maintain your family traditions and regular social life. Guests suites can also be part of this mix, if out-of-towners drop by for an overnight. These add-ons become an extension of your home, at your disposal when you need them.

And if travel is near the top of the priority list, condo living couldn’t be more advantageous. If you’ll be away periodically, venturing off on a far-flung bucket-list adventure or simply heading south to escape winter, your condo will safely take care of itself while you’re gone.

Urban living of this kind also brings with it a newfound connectivity that residential houses can’t quite match. This vibrant community comes with a variety of people, of different ages and backgrounds, including many new friends who will have a similar plan for their twilight years. What develops is a nice sense of belonging, a supportive hub. This all adds up to a comfortable quality of life with an extra layer of security, rounding out a complete urban lifestyle package.

And the kids? They can come and visit any time.

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